Rabu, 14 Januari 2015

2017 Ford Transit Connect

2017 Ford Transit Connect is a vehicle that has been designed to prioritize and economic utility. This vehicle has two wheelbases with the use of a chair that can be used seven people in three rows. Cargo space in this vehicle has more than 100 cubic meters and 1200-lb payload. This vehicle can tow 2000 pounds. The company designed the base engine for this vehicle is a 169-hp 2.5-liter four. Optional 178-hp turbocharged engine is a 1.6-liter four. This vehicle has an extra minimum power and fuel economies in the 1.6-liter corporate earnings are not the same as the additional costs already incurred. Van this includes vehicles that will make you comfortable because it has advanced technology in the vehicle.

Previously the company had failed to design this vehicle, but they are still trying to get a vehicle that will make something more to be in the market. The company saw sales decline for several years, Ford gave up for this class in 2008. But later they designed the 2017 Ford Transit Connect and handed over to the Americans. Then the vehicle is sold to 30,000 units per year in the market. While the company sold more amount than that for some countries are indeed the people like this vehicle. Now, even though the vehicle is undergoing some redesign, but it shows that it is not outdated.

You now also still be able to buy this vehicle and can carry several people to be put in this vehicle. This vehicle has an additional model of insulation that is fresh and the interior is really nice and you will forget the other vehicle, the TC is also healthier with sheet metal Company that has been used instead of a window and can haul up to 1270 pounds of cement. This vehicle uses a long wheelbase and a dual-sliding door version as previously tested, which can carry seven passengers in these vehicles. Seat in this vehicle can be folded on the second and third seats, space in the vehicle is also spacious so you do not feel cramped, and you can also lie on the rear of the vehicle. Many admire the large sunroof and white LEDs for lighting this vehicle, it is the interior decoration that really made the Ford Transit Connect to be special. Many say that nice if you could lie in the vehicle.

This vehicle has gravel pinging off of the rear wheel wells that being the only giveaway on the road. The driver can see the vehicle dashboard, this vehicle does different with Focus with TC shares that have the platform close enough distance to make room if you are going to park, Focus who are on the Connect and get into some vehicles will be in a hurry and be quiet. You will not be confused when using this vehicle. Vanlet in this vehicle has good quality, steering also has a quality that is not bad, and the brake pedal stronger making it easier for you if it will stop, the vehicle does not have the sharpness that will make you drop them, but the vehicle was an 10Best best. But the company will not increase for the six-foot driver. Figures on skipped is 0.78 and the 178-foot and stops from 70 mph, a full-size minivan manage. It becomes strange if you use a vehicle using a very upright seat and you look through a lot of glass if you'll step out. You have to blink when stepping into the sunlight.

This vehicle has a performance with the 2.5-liter straight. Zero to 60 mph in 10 seconds flat will probably make fine if you try to remove anything to you drop while in the vehicle. If there are several children you need a 60-mph to run in the last roundup is 7.6 seconds.